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Project Mind Science & Creativity

Scientist/Inventor Survey

This survey is basically the same as our initial Teleseker survey in which the target population was 237 scientists, all faculty members of natural science departments at various universities in Israel.

After you take the survey you may wish to compare your answers with the statistical results of hundreds of other scientists by accessing the Teleseker Scientist Survey.

Project Mind is a unique project to support all scientific and technological disciplines.

We are establishing a facility providing special environments uniquely nurturing to creativity.

Our hope for the survey is to gather new insights that will help us shape these environments. We hope you will enjoy completing it.


  • You are on the frontlines of scientific and technological progress.
  • Such progress depends on the capacity to create innovative ideas.
  • We are seeking your opinion on different aspects of the creative process.
  • We appreciate any insights you can offer us.

Please press "reset" button to clear form before beginning:

Name (optional):
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Please state your field of science:

For each question press the appropriate value button.
(to change a value press the new value button.)

5 indicates "strong agreement" 0 indicates "lack of agreement"

  1. My choice of a scientific field was idealistically motivated.

  2. Independent of my work, I have other compelling ideas.

  3. I believe that certain kinds of environments are conducive to creativity.

  4. I had my first creative experience at the age of:
    1 = age 2-5 kindergarten
    2 = age 6-11 elementary
    3 = age 12-18 youth
    4 = age 19-30
    5 = age 31 +
    0 = don't remember

  5. I have had many creative experiences.

  6. Please choose the age period when you feel your creativity was the strongest.
    1 = during childhood
    2 = during adolescence
    3 = now
    4 = as I'm getting older
    5 = all the time
    0 = at different times in life

  7. Other:

  8. I have found my creative experience to correlate strongly with useful results.

  9. I believe I understand creativity well.

  10. I believe I have original ideas related to my work.

  11. I believe creativity directly relates to scientific progress.

  12. In my professional life most of my time is spent in laboratory work, as compared to theory.

  13. I prefer theoretical work to laboratory work.

  14. Scientific research and development is generally 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

  15. I believe that a higher inspiration/perspiration ratio is achievable.

  16. If it were in my power, I would want to increase this ratio.

  17. I believe that results achieved in a creative mode of research would prove superior to what can be achieved at present.

  18. I believe that scientists tend to be more creative than non-scientists.

  19. I believe it desirable to help motivate creative people and enhance the creative process itself.

  20. 5 indicates "strong extent" 0 indicates "not at all"

  21. To what extent do you have a sense of certainty about your creative flashes.

  22. To what extent do your creative flashes prove correct.

  23. To what extent did you feel that there was more to 'perceive' had you only had the opportunity to remain longer in the creative state.


    5 indicates "euphoric" 0 indicates "no special feeling"

  25. In general how would you describe your creative experiences on a scale from euphoric, to somewhat pleasurable, to no special feeling.

  26. 5 indicates "strong agreement" 0 indicates "lack of agreement"

  27. I have a special method or technique (internal or external) for inducing creativity in myself.


    5 indicates "strong extent" 0 indicates "not at all"

  29. If a method were available to take you into a creative state and keep you there as long as you wished, to what extent would you want to use that method.

  30. Please describe what methods you think could be used to enhance creativity.

  31. Please describe what for you would be a creative environment.

  32. If you have read about Barbara McClintock and/or know about her, please share your thoughts.

  33. If you have read about Nikola Tesla and/or know about him, please share your thoughts.

  34. Do you think you might be a candidate for accelerated thought?
    Please type yes or no, and why.
  35. Further Comments:

  36. * Please Press the Submit Button to Submit:

    Thank you for sharing your insights.

    If you would like to email us our email is

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